Esther A Coaching

About Us

About Us

Since launching in 2019, Esther A Coaching (EAC) Limited is a growing international career and personal development coaching business. In today’s competitive job/employment environment, identifying and securing the right job opportunities is at the forefront of our commitment to our clients. Our clients range from Entry to Mid-level and Executive professionals. We adopt a bespoke approach to working with clients using results-oriented methods and a range of coaching techniques to achieve desired results in the recruitment process and career progression.

Our Mission

To help our clients make the right career choice and find fulfilment in the world of work.

What we do – Our business focuses on three key areas

  1. Job & workplace readiness
  2. Career planning and growth
  3. Personal development

Core Services

  1. Job Profiling 
  2. Interview preparation
  3. CV review
  4. Personal development

In the past three years, we have worked with over 300 clients across various industries and sectors including organizations such as; Manchester college and Made4More International.

By focusing on practical and result-based processes, we are able to support multiple clients through acquiring skills for a new career, interview process, and securing job roles they never thought possible, leading to a cumulative employment salary of over £3 million.


  1. Job Seekers Workshop
  2. Kickstart Employment program
  3. Personal development accelerator programs
  4. Group and individual Training workshops on employment opportunities and career progression strategies

How we work with our clients

A thorough process of identifying career goals, creating and implementing actions through achievement. 

About Coach Esther

Securing the right job, achieving career growth, and finding fulfilment in work are goals many people strive for but rarely achieve. I am a Career and Personal Development Coach with almost ten years of experience. My expertise is in Job & workplace readiness, career planning & growth, and personal development.

My work focuses on helping individuals build their capacity for career progression, navigate job transitioning with ease and achieve personal effectiveness. Using results-oriented methods, I have helped 100s of individuals identify their career paths, secure jobs, and achieve career goals they never thought possible. In the past three years, my team and I have helped individuals in entry-level, mid, and advanced levels transition into various jobs and career opportunities resulting in almost £3 million increment in employment salary.

I am also a founder and international speaker motivated by a passion for helping people grow and achieve their personal and professional goals. In 2018, I founded Intellectual Ladies – an organization for like-minded women to inspire each other to live their best personal and professional lives. I also mentor and inspire young adults to find their purpose and live their best lives

My speaking engagements span the United Kingdom, Belgium, West Africa, and Ireland with corporate organizations and higher education institutions. I have delivered lectures to over 500 students on topics such as; choosing the right university degree program for the right career path, building self-confidence, and the importance of personal development.

In 2021, I delivered personal development lectures to students at Manchester College. I firmly believe that If you invest in yourself today, tomorrow’s payday will be more than you anticipated. That is why I am willing to work with individuals and organizations to change the narrative around their personal effectiveness and workplace success.